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Jan Schaumann jschauma at netmeister.org
Tue Sep 30 16:46:35 EDT 2003

Mitchel Kagawa <mitchel at navships.com> wrote:

> So I was wondering if anyone used one of those environment monitoring
> appliances that e-mail you (before stuff starts shutting off) if a
> temp goes out of a set range or if it detects water, high humidity, or
> movement in the room?  I'm looking at a NetBotz/RackBots here
> (http://www.netbotz.com/products/rack.html) and was wondering if
> anyone has any experience with them or if you have any other
> (inexpensive <$2000) suggestions.  Thanks for any help.

It just so happens that last week I installed a NetBotz
(http://www.netbotz.com/products/wall.html#wallbotz400) in our machine
room.  It was a breeze to install/setup and looks rather nifty wrt
capabilities (SNMP, email alerts, syslog, ftp- and http upload/logging,
alert escalation etc.).  So far (as I said, ~1 week old) I'd recommend

I wonder what internal OS it's running.


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