Power Supply: Supermicro P4DL6 Board?

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Tue Sep 30 17:28:55 EDT 2003

> Has anyone recently analyzed how much power each of the subunits of a PC uses, i.e. how much power which
> mainboard, hdd, etc.

it's not hard to approximate this by reading the specs of each component.
obviously, CPUs are the main consumers, probably followed by power hardware
next (PS inefficiency, as well as the on-motherboard converter.)

disks are much, much cooler than they used to be, probably dropping 
below power consumed by ram on most clusters.  naturally, if you've 
got 6 15K RPM SCSI disks in a node with just 1G ram, that's completely
different!  even things like high-speed nics often amount to <10W,
which simply doesn't compare to the ~80-90W per high-end CPU...

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