Environment monitoring

Mitchel Kagawa mitchel at navships.com
Tue Sep 30 15:15:01 EDT 2003

This past Friday night after everyone in the office went home our AC, for
our small 64 node cluster, decided to have a compressor problem and stop
producing cool air.  On Sat I get a phone call saying that one of our users
can't access his e-mail (server is also in cluster room).  I wasn't able to
get to the office until Sunday afternoon and I wasn't able to log into the
head node to shut everything down remotely. By the time I was able to get to
the cluster all but 20 nodes had shut themselves down because the ambient
temperature of the room reached 145 deg.  Thankfully all the servers, raid
arrays and all but 2 nodes came back up when I hit the power button (after I
got the temp back to 68).  Our stupid ac doesn't have the communications
package that cost an extra $5000 cause my company's too cheap to spring for
it and an extra phone line.  So I was wondering if anyone used one of those
environment monitoring appliances that e-mail you (before stuff starts
shutting off) if a temp goes out of a set range or if it detects water, high
humidity, or movement in the room?  I'm looking at a NetBotz/RackBots here
(http://www.netbotz.com/products/rack.html) and was wondering if anyone has
any experience with them or if you have any other (inexpensive <$2000)
suggestions.  Thanks for any help.

Mitchel Kagawa

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