Comparisions,, - use ROCKS 2.3.2

Al R alberor at
Sun Sep 28 11:38:48 EDT 2003

We were in an instructional mode.  Each student had to build a frontend
and a compute node.  It was also done in a classroom.  The students were
to format the drives and other crash and burn activities.  :-)

This was a hands-on lab, with out of body (rack) experience.

Thank you for the reference in your note below.  I will go take a look
at this!


Erwan Velu wrote:
> [...]
>>ROCKS is simply that flexible...  Take 20 nodes out of your cluster,
>>place two on a desk for 10 people.  Teach them about ROCKS and parallel
>>processing using two nodes and a crossover cable.  Put the nodes back in
>>the rack and in 5-8 minutes reload all 20 nodes back as compute nodes...
> For that kind of applications, our choice was just making a subcluster
> using MAUI. You can tell this 20 nodes to be a subcluster ( a partition)
> called subcluster1, then you can assign users to this partition using
> DrakCluster GUI.
> After that when people submit jobs via PBS theirs jobs are sent to this
> subcluster. At the end of this session, you can reintegrate this nodes to
> the original cluster in the same range of time you mention.

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