Cluster distributions?

Erwan Velu erwan at
Mon Sep 29 10:59:23 EDT 2003

> While 3 minutes sounds impressive, the time also depends on the amount
> of data that you transfer.
This system reach 10-11MB/sec for the harddrive duplication + ~ 1 minute
for launching the minimal linux on the nodes which must be deployed and
run the appropriate tools before & after the deployment.
The number of nodes don't change the amount of time needed for the

> How do you do it? With the multi-drop chain similar to Dolly?
Yes that is the same kind of technology but it doesn't allow channel
bonding like dolly. When the chain is initialised, the server sends
packets to the first node which handle it and forward it to the next
one. If it can't handle this packet the node is buffering its inputs and
the server is buffering its outputs.

Urpmi parallel is a kid of "apt" mixed with a multi-drop chain tool.
Installing packages with dependencies on a full cluster is really
impressive :D
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