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Al R alberor at
Sun Sep 28 09:39:56 EDT 2003


Our initial deployment will utilize the Opterons in 32-bit mode.  Our
current software baseline is 32-bit plus legacy software spanning 20+ 
years of development.  Until we are given compiled 64-bit versions, and 
no vendor wants to release their source code, nor do WE want to port 
their code, we will simply stay at 32-bit.  No problem.  Our first 
upgrade will be an in-rack upgrade.  This will be a software reload 
taking us to 64-bit.

We perform 64-bit arithmetic, but not in a 64-bit address space.  None
of applications currently require this.  In the next 18-36 months, yes,
there may be a change.  We will be ready.

Let's face it, it is a tough choice to make, 32 vs 64 these days.
Especially for a cluster "of size".  ROCKS is so easy to use, that we
have actually cut our cluster in half in support of special processing.

We will be doing this with our system.  The initial 120 nodes (240
processors) will be connected via Myrinet.  We received additional
funding for another rack of 40 nodes (+80 processors) and found the
enormous cost of "Myrinet in excess of 128 nodes".  We decided to let
the single frontend node manage this rack/nodes, and let the PBS quename
determine the need/use of these nodes.  Or, we can simply make the
bottom node another frontend and have it manage its own rack of 39
dual-Opteron compute nodes.  It also makes a darn good "staging cluster"
so software can be tested and then ported to the other side...

ROCKS is simply that flexible...  Take 20 nodes out of your cluster,
place two on a desk for 10 people.  Teach them about ROCKS and parallel
processing using two nodes and a crossover cable.  Put the nodes back in
the rack and in 5-8 minutes reload all 20 nodes back as compute nodes...

Just my 2 cents as a ROCKS user for 18 months.


Erwan Velu wrote:
>>We will stay with ROCKS for our initial deployment of 320 Opteron
>>system.  It is due in about 60 days...
> Does ROCKS supports Opteron ? I never saw this announcement...
> So do you intend using ROCKS using an x86 OS ?

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