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John Hearns john.hearns at
Mon Sep 29 02:51:11 EDT 2003

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:

> a.) Get them to take the risk of keeping up to date with Fedora and hold
> them to it.
> b.) Get them to port the code to any LSB compliant distribution / remove
> kernel version specific stuff.
> Remember folks: This is Linux (GNU/Linux for the pedantic :) ) - we have 
> access to the underlying code and will continue so to do.  If need be, 

I agree with a lot of what Andrew says - though I'm not that much of a 
Debian fan (*).
Linux is much more than another operating system.

Many scientists, engineers and users in business and the arts do not see 
it that way. Linux has become popular, on cheap yet high performance kit.
All many people now care about is 'getting the job done' or
'running my codes'. We should realise there is much to be gained from
open standards and LSB compliant systems.

(*) Not ideology - I've just used other distros.

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