Why MDKC & CLIC are not comparable to RH Advanced [Was Re: Redhat Fedora]

Erwan Velu erwan at mandrakesoft.com
Thu Sep 25 11:52:00 EDT 2003

> MDKC is still GPL'ed isn't it ? Atleast it contains a number of GPL products. Why isn't it possible to download MDKC and redistribute it as you can do with other distributions ? 
MDKC is still made by a GPL'ed product and also contains some BSD like
licenses and some other licences close to but with some restriction
about reselling. All our work is available trought cooker and our CVS
and obsviously we send patches to the authors.

> Isn't that GPL violation ? 
Of course not.

> >Although RedHat Enterprise Linux costs $$ if you want the ISO's you can still compile your own distribution from the source they provide. 
You can,

> Also anyone who actually paid to get the RHEL CD's can (AFAIK) make copies and give to friends without problems, correct ? 
> Is this true with MDKC too ?
This it true but you can't sell it because some companies must be payed
when you sell it. But people must understand that if they will not
contribute the product will never be released anymore. That's an
individual choice.

> Same thing with Scyld really, what prohibits a proud owner of "Scyld Beowulf Professional Edition 28cz Series" to make a copy available for download ? Does it contain products 
> which isn't GPL'ed, which is what you pay $375 per processor for ?
The average price is closer than 150-200€ rather 375€.
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