A question of OS!!

Glen Kaukola glen at cert.ucr.edu
Tue Sep 23 18:24:47 EDT 2003

Sarat C Maruvada wrote:

>Hi,I am planning on installing a 32 node beowulf cluster for high
>performance bio-informatics applications. As a OS I was planning on
>installing Red Hat Linux 9.0.But I had heard from somebody that SuSe Linux
>has advantage in parallel computations. Having no hands-on experience in
>SuSe Linux, I have no idea how to verify this or do a comparision. What do
>you advice as the OS for the cluster? And how to determine this,as there
>are a bunch of unix OSes out there.Thanks.

One advantage I can think of that Suse might have is it's automated 
installation utility, autoyast I believe it's called.  While it's 
probably a little harder to set up, I think it would be a bit better 
than kickstart for installing Linux on a large number of machines.  
Actually though, some of the functionality of autoyast seemed to be 
broken to me, but again it's a lot more complicated than kickstart, so 
maybe it was just me.  You don't have to pay to use Suse's automatic 
update tool, but I think that this may change on Red Hat now that 
they've merged with Fedora.  The only other thing I can think of is that 
the Suse distribution seems to come with about twice as many packages to 
choose from.  Other than that, Linux is Linux, and you're not going to 
see much of a speed difference between either Suse or Red Hat.

My two cents,

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