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Mon Sep 22 22:40:26 EDT 2003

Chris Samuel <csamuel at> wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Sep 2003 12:51 pm, masego-otlhe_segone wrote:
> > I have managed to install mpich v1.2.5.2 on my cluster of two nodes, but I
> > just realised that I cannot communicate with other hosts due to some rsh
> > setting that I need to do.
> To be honest I'd really suggest not using RSH and swapping over to OpenSSH 
> instead.

Why?  Most likely, ssh will introduce a non-negligible overhead in
encryption and/or compression.

To the OP: check your /etc/hosts.equiv and ~/.rhosts, as suggested by
rsh(1) and rlogin(1).


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