Cluster distributions?

Robert Kane rkane at
Fri Sep 19 11:48:38 EDT 2003

If no one has already mentioned it,  Rocks ( is a
nice distribution to use. It's a customized distribution of Redhat 7.x.
It's stable, runs on a widely used and supported version of Linux, and has
all sorts of cluster tools (monitors, schedulers, mpi) integrated. It's
generally quick to install, and easy to manage.

Robert Kane

> I've been running a very small 4 node beowulf cluster for a project. Right
> now I'm running Debian on the cluster and I'm not very happy with it or
> the tools available through the distribution.
> Does anyone have any suggestions of a good distribution? What about
> MSC.Linux? any good?
> I am also looking for tools to automate software installations across all
> the nodes, etc.
> I like the Debian package system, I just wish there was an easy way to
> have the process replicate across all the computers.

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