Cluster distributions?

Alvin Oga alvin at
Thu Sep 18 20:13:43 EDT 2003

hi ya ryan

fun stuff....

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Ryan Burns wrote:

> Hello, 
> I've been running a very small 4 node beowulf cluster for a project. Right
> now I'm running Debian on the cluster and I'm not very happy with it or
> the tools available through the distribution.
> Does anyone have any suggestions of a good distribution? What about
> MSC.Linux? any good?

other cluster distro  and installers

> I am also looking for tools to automate software installations across all
> the nodes, etc.

installing -- cdrom, network install, rsync

updating -- create your-local*.rpm  and each node downloads new
"required" updates that has been tested on other "test clusters"
	- or rsync or *.tgz or ??

	- and a package/scripting status files to say which
	machined applied which patches to itself

> I like the Debian package system, I just wish there was an easy way to
> have the process replicate across all the computers.

there is .. lots of easy ways ...
	- "easy" is all relative to the user's ideas ??

personally, i don't like debians installer or *.deb packages 
or any other *.rpm packages
	but use the same equivalent " *.tgz"
	and i am happy as a clam 

c ya

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