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An alternative to Halon is FM-200 gas.  It is safer for humans and won't 
harm any equipment.  The worst that it can do is give you frostbite if you 
are standing directly under one of the nozzles.  Of course, there are 
flashing lights and beeping noises before it dumps, giving everyone a 
chance to evacuate (or cancel the dump with a switch near the door).  It is 
installed in my server room.  We have never had the misfortune to use it, 
but it lets me sleep peacefully at night.  Here is a link comparing it to 

At 06:03 AM 9/18/2003 -0700, Andrew Latham wrote:
>Halon is used in situations where water is a threat.  If a sprinkle head 
>dumping water on a system pluged into a UPS it will get ugly.
>Halon is not banned from telcom rooms so just sell it to the fire marshal as a
>telcom room. I was under the impression that the room would have no people
>permanently stationed in it.
>Halon does not kill people. It replaces Oxygen. It can injure or kill a person
>after large and lengthy exposure but not likely.
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> > > second contact a Halon installation company
> > >       (chemical fire stopper - sprinklers are bad)
> >
> > Unfortunately in many places, halon is now banned from new machine room
> > installations - upon the mistaken belief that human lives are worth more
> > than the computers.
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