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At 06:03 AM 9/18/2003 -0700, Andrew Latham wrote:
>Halon is used in situations where water is a threat.  If a sprinkle head 
>dumping water on a system pluged into a UPS it will get ugly.

Precisely why they require the emergency off to kill the UPS load side power!

>Halon is not banned from telcom rooms so just sell it to the fire marshal as a
>telcom room. I was under the impression that the room would have no people
>permanently stationed in it.
>Halon does not kill people. It replaces Oxygen. It can injure or kill a person
>after large and lengthy exposure but not likely.

Halon is now incredibly expensive and an "ozone depleter", so that first 
"proof of performance" test after installation will set you back a pretty 

Back in 1974, I saw a demo at the National Computer Conference from the 
mfrs of Halon systems where the sales guy stood in a big phone booth like 
tube, poured solvent all over his clothes, lit it on fire, and had the 
Halon discharge and put the fire out, all while he was talking through the 
presentation.  One of the selling points was that it was much safer than 
CO2, which, til then, was the popular "non-water" fire extinguishing agent.

>--- Daniel Kidger <Daniel.Kidger at> wrote:
> >
> >
> > > second contact a Halon installation company
> > >       (chemical fire stopper - sprinklers are bad)
> >
> > Unfortunately in many places, halon is now banned from new machine room
> > installations - upon the mistaken belief that human lives are worth more
> > than the computers.
> >
> >
> > Daniel.
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