PVM: problems with 'add host'

Fluffie fluffie at gmx.net
Thu Sep 18 07:13:45 EDT 2003

Hi to all,

I'm running PVM 3.4.3 on a Linux 6.4 machine and on a Windows 2000 machine.
On the Linux machine I tried to add the Windows machine like this:

pvm> add XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ
0 successful
                    HOST                 DTID
        XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ Can't start pvmd

Auto-Diagnosing Failed Hosts...
Verifying Local Path to "rsh"...
Rsh found in /usr/bin/rsh - O.K.
Testing Rsh/Rhosts Access to Host "XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ"...
Rsh/Rhosts Access is O.K.
Checking O.S. Type (Unix test) on Host "XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ"...
Checking O.S. Type (Win test) on Host "XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ"...
Host XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ is Windows-based.
Checking %PVM_ROOT% on Host "XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ"...
%PVM_ROOT% on XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ Appears O.K. ("C:\Programme\PVM3.4 ")
Verifying Location of PVM Daemon Script on Host "XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ"...
PVM Daemon Script Found ("pvmd.bat")
Determining PVM Architecture on Host "XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ"...
Verifying Existence of PVM Daemon Executable on Host "XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ"...
PVM Daemon Executable Found ("pvmd3.exe")
Determining PVM Temporary Directory on Host "XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ"...
%PVM_TMP% on XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ set to c:\tmp
Checking for Leftover PVM Daemon Files on Host "XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ"...
No PVM Daemon Files Found.

Host XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ Appears to Be Correctly Configured.
Please check your local /tmp/pvml.501 log file
for error messages, or else email "pvm at msr.epm.ornl.gov" for
further assistance.

The "pvmd3.exe" process has been started on the win2K machine, but the Linux
machine does not recognize it. On the contrary, the auto diagnose starts
after a certain time as seen above.

The content of the pvml.501 log file is:

[t80040000] 09/03 11:14:05 <Linux-host> ( LINUX 3.4.3
[t80040000] 09/03 11:14:05 ready Wed Sep  3 11:14:05 2003
[t80000000] 09/03 11:14:21 stderr at XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ: The command "$PVM_ROOT"
[t80000000] 09/03 11:14:21 stderr at XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ: could not be found.
[t80000000] 09/03 11:14:21 stdout at XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ: EOF
[t80000000] 09/03 11:15:21 pl_startup() giving up on host XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ
after 60 secs
[t80040000] 09/03 11:15:21 startack() host XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ expected version,
got "PvmCantStart"

What else can be wrong???


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