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Tue Sep 16 11:32:38 EDT 2003

> Caching file systems are very ad hoc, and thus used for only one
> purpose.  There is not the broad user base motivation to make them
> general or keep them current.

I believe cachefs for linux would meet enough demand to be viable.

Or little kernel module intercepting open(2) and friends and letting
userland to decide when these calls should go stright through and when
they should ask for userland action (like fetching out-of-cache file)
- an autofs-style variant of old amd-hacks game.

Yes, you are right, nothing simple/universal managed to catch up so

> You've instantly moved from a technical agenda to a political one.
> "Open Source" is a technical attribute, while "free" and "no cost online
> access" is different.

For me "Open Source & free & no cost online access" means big user
base and good chance of fixing problems via community collaboration -
strong technical reason (with political side-effect).

(I however understand and appreciate that your work extends technical
possibilities even beyond the above limits, i.e. that one can even buy
good solutions :)

Best Regards

Vaclav Hanzl
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