ANNOUNCEMENT: Workshop on Linux Clusters for Super Computing

Niclas Andersson nican at
Tue Sep 16 07:40:28 EDT 2003

# Clusters for High Performance Computing and Grid Solutions
# October 22-24, 2003 
# Hosted by
# National Supercomputer Centre (NSC)
# Linköping University, Sweden

The fast development of the processing power of high-end PCs and
workstations, together with the availability of open source operating
systems such as Linux have made it possible to build very cost
effective clusters of commodity hardware, also known as beowulfs. With
the addition of high bandwidth networks with low latency, open source
based beowulfs has become the most common platform for high
performance computing.

Assembling a beowulf is, however, a non-trivial task due to the fast
moving hardware market as well as the rapid development of Linux and
available tools for clustered computing. The aim of the workshop is to
gather together both people with experience of building and
maintaining clusters and people using or interested in using cluster
resources. The workshop will address the hardware and software issues
encountered during design as well as deployed applications' efficiency,
portability and utilization.

We intend to cover the following topics:

 o Storage solutions for clusters and Grids.
 o Distributed computing and Grid technologies
 o Applications adapted for using parallel and distributed resources
 o Software and tools for using and managing clusters
 o Scalability issues, benchmarking and tuning
 o Job scheduling strategies
 o Key application areas
 o Update on the latest hardware developments 

In addition to invited talks, there will be tutorials (Oct. 22),
exhibits and vendor presentations.

The complete list of speakers and programme will be available at

If you wish to present your own cluster, Grid project, software
development or give a talk on a topic related to clusters or Grid
computing you are most welcome to contact

    Niclas Andersson
    E-mail: <nican at>
    Phone: +46 13 281464
    Fax: +46 13 282535 

If you want to present your products in a vendor session or in our
exhibit outside the auditorium, please contact

    Torgny Faxén
    E-mail: <faxen at>
    Phone: +46 13 285798
    Fax: +46 13 282535 



October 22-24, 2003


The conference will take place at Collegium, Linköping close to 
Linköping University. Tutorials will be held at the University.


On-line registration at
Last date: 10 October.
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