channel bonding/trunking and diskless booting

bvds at bvds at
Mon Sep 15 12:11:48 EDT 2003

>Perhaps a naive suggestion, but what about  bond0 bonding eth0 and eth1
>(say with network and eth0:0 (with network be used just
>for the booting network?  What is the obstacle for such a configuration?

I am *really* hoping that someone would tell me how to do
diskless nodes plus channel bonding.
Adding an additional machine to act as DHCP server and 
tftp server is out (for me) because I don't don't have 
any free ports left on my switch.

Can you really set up eth0 so that it is both bonded and unbonded?
How do you do this?  What is this eth0:0 thing?  (I display my ignorance)

Brett van de Sande
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