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Mon Sep 15 11:29:12 EDT 2003

>   A read-only data set allows many file handling options.
>   If files are updated as a whole, you may use a caching versioned file
>     system.  That is specialized, but provides many opportunities for
>     optimization 
> ...
> > Cache-like behavior would save a lot of manual work but unfortunately
> > I am not aware of any working solution for linux,
> Several exist.  It depends on the semantics you need, as doing this
> efficiently requires making assumptions about the access patterns and
> desired semantics.

Please what do you include in these 'several'? Am I right that none of
them is opensource AND freely downloadable ?

I try hard to find out what does this list in your head include,
please correct my thoughts:

- you certainly did not qualify InterMezzo and Lustre as working
- old dead projects like ClusterNFS or amd hacks are also out of question
- I don't quite believe you meant AFS or Coda either
- you could consider some non-free software
- you could consider something you use at Scyld, being even opensource
  but not freely downloadable anywhere (if I got right one of your
  older posts)

Basically I just want confirmation for this one bit of information:

  "There is no reliable opensource freely downloadable filesystem (or
  addition to filesystem) for (contemporary) linux which would use local
  harddisk as a cache, even for the most relaxed semantics one can
  imagine (whole file caching, read-only, nearly no synchronisation)."

Or better yet, tell me where it is, I'll be happy to be wrong.


Vaclav Hanzl


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