Kill the power faster than poweroff?

Mark Hahn hahn at
Fri Sep 12 13:04:14 EDT 2003

> I'm a big fan of network IPMI 1.5, which is usually implemented by a
> Baseboard Management Controller (BMC).  The BMC is a microcontroller
> running on stand-by power.  It can control power, redirect the "serial"

IPMI and BMC are attractive, but as far as I can tell, completely
non-viable for moderately-priced nodes.  I mean, if my 1-u dual costs
$US 2k, adding a BMC probably means a 35-50% boost in price.

or are there cheap BMC options?  otherwise, it seems like a holdover
from the world of "enterprise" gold-plated servers, where $1k on a 
$50K server is in the noise...

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