Tyan 2880 memory configuration

Alan Scheinine scheinin at crs4.it
Thu Sep 11 08:33:42 EDT 2003

   Where can I get information concerning the configuration
of memory for the Tyan 2880?  (I ask in this mailing list because
this boards seems a likely candidate for a do-it-yourself
Opteron cluster.)  The documentation from Tyan does not give
useful advice.  Page 29 of the manual shows different ways of
inserting memory but does not give advice.  In particular,
one reads, "memory in CPU2 DIMM1-2 is not required when running
dual CPU configuration" but the diagram on page 9 indicates that
access to memory would be divided between two CPUs if the DIMM
sockets CPU1 and CPU2 are both used.  The table on page 29 shows
putting 4 memory modules in the area CPU1 as a possibility without
saying whether (as I would imagine) it is better to follow the
other option of putting two in CPU1 and two in CPU2.
   Moreover, the BIOS documentation of the 2880 manual
gives various options for the use of memory but does not
explain the terminology and does not explain which choice
would give better performance (page 54 of the manual).
   I do not intend to request that someone write a detailed
reply to the mailing list, it would be enough to know where
to look to find the information.
best regards,
Alan Scheinine
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