CPUs for a Beowulf

hanzl at noel.feld.cvut.cz hanzl at noel.feld.cvut.cz
Tue Sep 9 04:31:38 EDT 2003

> Administrative costs can easily be THE dominant cost

Yes, yes, yes. Anybody has different experience for his/her FIRST
cluster? (If somebody does, he is genius and his labor has much higher
value then estimated and I am right anyway :-)

One year later the price of your hardware may be say half the price
today. Divide this halve by 365 to get an idea how much costs each day
of problems. Consider appropriate cost of human resources to
counterfight this loss...

If you want to get most power for the money you have, make it simple,
do choices which make the system simple for you.

If you want to make research how OTHERS could save, that is another
story... (And that is what many people sometimes unwillingly do on
this list, including myself :)

Vaclav Hanzl
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