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On Mon, 8 Sep 2003, Robert G. Brown wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Sep 2003, [iso-8859-1] José M. Pérez Sánchez wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Has anyone tested the UW-320 SCSI card Adaptec 29320-R? The strongest
> > candidate to be purchased as cluster master node for our cluster comes with
> > that card and 10000 RPM Fujitsu hard disks.

the 29320-r comes with a driver for windows that provides what they call 
hostraid support. something like an adaptec 2120 or 2200s is really a 
hardware raid controller with a full feature-set (uses aacraid rather 
than aic7xxx).

linux will support this card but not it's partial raid functionality. 
linux software raid will happily work on top of all of this and probably 
run faster on a raid5 stripe than the 2120 to boot. the 29320-r doens't 
support raid-5 at all reagrdless of os.
> > I took a look at the Adaptec page and they say it's not RAID capable on
> > linux. Shouldn't be hardware controlled RAID OS independent, as long as
> > you have support for the card?
> md (software) raid should work on anything, and works remarkably well on
> most things.  We use it in large and small scale production and it
> performs like a champion.  I've run a system six months in degraded mode
> at home (couldn't find time to go get a replacement disk) and still lost
> no data.  RH's Kickstart can even kickstart install a ready-to-run md
> raid.  As long as the card itself works under linux, building a RAID
> should be no problem.
> Hardware RAIDs often do require drivers (or that you work the RAID
> through a BIOS layer preboot) and leave you at the mercy of the RAID
> firmware designers as far as function and recovery are concerned.
> Adaptec (after a somewhat rocky start some years ago) has been pretty
> good about linux support so I'd guess drivers will be rapidly
> forthcoming, unless they are trying to pull the "proprietary" trick with
> a binary only driver (a really, really bad idea with something like a
> RAID controller).
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