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Rocky McGaugh rocky at
Wed Sep 10 17:48:26 EDT 2003

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Jim Lux wrote:

> Has anyone tried building a cluster using handheld computers (i.e. iPaq or 
> Palm type) that use wireless LAN (802.11) or IR for the interconnect?  Is 
> there an implementation of MPI that will work in that environment (WinCE, 
> PalmOS) (perhaps MPICH in some form?)
> Yes, I know the performance will be hideous.

Ok, I can not help but to comment.

Once upon a time, just for S&G's, we spec'ed out a T-FLOP cluster out of
PalmPilots. Assuming no space for wiring, we figgured we could fit 
about 144 of my Palms into a cubic foot.

Crammed floor to ceiling, had our building had 1,500 stories, it would
have almost held the thing.

Sorry for my silliness, but i still find it funny.

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