sum of matrices

Mathias Brito mathiasbrito at
Fri Oct 31 16:38:52 EST 2003


Last days I write a code(in c) that make the sum of 2
matrices. Let me say a little about how it works. I
send 1 row of the 1st matrice and 1 row of 2nd matrice
for each process, when a process finish its job, if
have more lines i send more to it and it make the sum
of these new 2 lines. The problem is, the program
works fine with 100x100(or less) matrice, but when I
increase this range, something like 10000x10000 i
receive the fallowing message:

p0_8467:  p4_error: Child process exited while making
connection to remote process on node2: 0

This is a MPI problem or it`s my code? What can I do
to fix this problem.

Mathias Brito
Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz - UESC
Departamento de Ciências Exatas e Tecnológicas
Estudante do Curso de Ciência da Computação

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