CLIC 2, the newest version is out !

Erwan Velu erwan at
Fri Oct 24 04:48:03 EDT 2003

CLIC is a GPL Linux based distribution made for meeting the HPC needs.

CLIC 2 now allow people to install a full Linux cluster from scratch in
a few hours. This product contains the Linux core system + the
clustering autoconfiguration tools + the deployement tools + MPI stacks
(mpich, lam/mpi). 

CLIC 2 is based on the results of MandrakeClustering, and includes
several major features:
- New backend engine (fully written in perl)
- A new configure step during the server's graphical installation 
- An automated Dual Ethernet configuration (One NIC for computing, One
Nic for administrating)
- A new kernel (2.4.22)
- A new version of urpmi parallel (a parallel rpm installer)
- A graphical tool for managing users (add/remove) : userdrake
- A new node management
  |- You just need to power on a fresh node to install and integrate it
in your cluster !
  |- Fully automated add/remove procedure

And of course the lastest version of the clustering software:
- Maui 3.2.5-p5
- ScalablePBS 1.0-p4
- Ganglia 2.5.4
- Mpich 1.2.5-2
- LAM/MPI 6.5.9 (will be updated when 7.1 will be available)
- PXELinux 2.06

CLIC 2 will no more being compatible with CLIC 1 due to a fully
rewritten backend. This will no more happen in the future but it was
needed as CLIC 1 was a test release.

We hope this product will meet the CLIC community needs.
CLIC 2 is now available on your favorite mirrors in the mandrake-iso

For example you can found it at


The documentation is included inside the cdrom (/doc/) under pdf and
html format. This is the MandrakeClustering documentation based on the
same core, everything is the same except the configuration GUI which is
only available in MandrakeClustering.

All the configuration scripts that DrakCluster (our GUI) uses are
beginning whith the "setup_" prefix.

So for 
auto configurating your server, you use the script.
adding new nodes to your cluster, you use
removing a node, you can use the 

All this scripts have a really easy to learn syntax :)

I hope this release will please every CLIC user, this new generation of
CLIC is really easier to use than the previous releases.

PS: I've been heard that the 2.4.22 kernel brand may seriously damage LG
cdrom drives.  So be carefull with CLIC2 if you own LG cdrom drives,
remove your cdrom drive before installing it.
CLIC Website:
Erwan Velu
Linux Cluster Distribution Project Manager
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