OpenMosix, opinions?

Leopold Palomo Avellaneda leopold.palomo at
Thu Oct 23 05:33:35 EDT 2003


I'm a newbie in all of this questions of paralelism and clusters. I'm reading 
all of I can. I have found some point that I need some opinions.


having a typical beowulf, with some nodes, a switch, etc. All of the nodes 
running GNU/Linux, and the applications that are running are using MPI or 
PVM. All works, etc ....

Imaging that we have an aplication. A pararell aplication that doesn't use a 
lot I/O operation, but intensive cpu, and some messages. Something like a 
pure parallel app. We implement it using PVM or MPI ... MPI. And we make a 
test, and we have some result.

Now, we have our beowulf, with a linux kernel with OpenMosix with a patch that 
can migrate threads (light weith process, Mighsm, 
or threads compiled with, that 
com from here:

We have our program, and we change it that use threads for the paralel 
behaviour and not MPI. And we run the same test. So, what will be better? Any 
one have tested it?

Thank's in advance.

Best regards,


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