A Petaflop machine in 20 racks?

Christoph Best cb4 at tigertiger.de
Mon Oct 20 19:31:33 EDT 2003

Jim Lux writes:
 > At 09:00 PM 10/19/2003 -0400, Christoph Best wrote:
 > >BTW, who or what is behind ClearSpeed? Their Bristol address is
 > >identical to Infineon's Design Centre there, and Hewlett Packard seems
 > >to have a lab there, too. If they have that kind of support, I am sure
 > >they thought hard before making these design choices, and it may just
 > >be tarketed at certain problems (vector/matrix/FFT-like stuff).
 > The CTO (Ray McConnell) does parallel processing with 300K processors, etc. 
 > VP Engr (Russell David) designed mixed signal baseband ICs for wireless 
 > market.  I didn't turn up any papers in the IEEE on-line library, but 
 > that's not particularly signficant, in and of itself.

I actually found some more info about them: Clearspeed used to be
Pixelfusion, a spin-off from Inmos, who made the original Transputer.
Clearspeed tried to design a SIMD processor called Fuzion for graphics
applications, then around 2001 turned to the networking sector, and
now it seems to high-performance computing. So its a processor in
search of an application. 
Poor guys went through at least three CEOs during the last four
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