Solaris Fire Engine.

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Mon Oct 20 18:46:31 EDT 2003

On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, Donald Becker wrote:

> The only protocol stack changes that might benefit cluster use are
> sendfile/zero-copy, and that doesn't apply to most current hardware or
> typical cluster message passing.

Has actually somebody tried to use sendfile in MPICH or LAM-MPI ? I 
planned to do it, but this is somewhere in the middle of my always growing 
TODO queue... Recipes for how to use it were posted a few times at least 
on netdev list, so those interested can find them easily.

> I would be technially easy to revert to the interface of old Linux
> kernels and see much better than a 30% CPU reduction, but it's very
> unlikely that would happen politically:

But there are many projects that live outside the official kernel, the 
Scyld network drivers being one good example. What's wrong with replacing 
the IP stack with one maintained separately with performance in mind ?
I agree though that this would mean somebody to take care of it and make 
sure that it works with newer kernels...

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