XML for formatting (Re: Environment monitoring)

Dean Johnson dtj at uberh4x0r.org
Tue Oct 14 23:31:55 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-10-14 at 19:45, Robert G. Brown wrote:
> <rant> 
> ...
> </rant>
>     rgb

As someone who has done programming environment tools most of his
reasonably long professional life, I must say you have hit the nail on
the head. I have rooted through more than my share of shitty binary
formats in my day, and I can honestly say that I go home happier as a
result of dealing with an XML trace file in my current project. I was
happily working away dealing with only XML, but then it happened. The
demons of my past rose their ugly heads when I decided that it would be
a good thing to get some ELF information outta some files. Being the
industrious guy I am, I went and got ELF docs from Dave Anderson's
stash. Did that help? Nope, not really, as it was mangled 64-bit focused
ELF. Was it documented? Nope, not really. You could look at the elfdump
code to see what that does, so in a backwards way, it was documented.
The alternative was to ferret out the format by bugging enough compiler
geeks until they gave up the secret handshake. The alternative that I
eventually took was to go lay down until the desire to have the ELF
information went away. ;-)



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