Pentium4 vs Xeon

Eric Kuhnke eric at
Wed Oct 15 21:37:36 EDT 2003

There are single-Xeon boards using the Serverworks GC series of chipsets with 64-bit PCI, but they're just as expensive as a budget dual Xeon board (Tyan S2723 or Supermicro X5DPA-GG)...  In the $280 to $310 per board price range.  Seems rather silly, as the "Prestonia" Socket-604 Xeon CPUs are nothing but a P4 repackaged.  

There's also this board:
Which uses a single P4 @ 533MHz FSB, with the same Serverworks chipset.  

Supermicro X5-SS* series (scroll down):

>Currently P4 motherboards are only available (AFAIK) with 33MHz/32bit
>PCI.  That can be a big bottleneck if your cluster application is
>sensitive to I/O bandwidth.  Early in 2004, if the rumours are true,
>there will be a P4 chipset supporting 66MHz/64bit PCI-X. 

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