Pentium4 vs Xeon

José M. Pérez Sánchez iosephus at
Tue Oct 14 12:08:50 EDT 2003


We are going to buy a second machine! :-) It will be a diskless dual
processor node. We are thinking about buying the same configuration:
Xeon 2.4Ghz 533Mhz FSB, but since Xeon and the motherboards supporting
them are so expensive, we have been thinking about dual normal Pentium4
instead. We don't have now any P4 comparable processor to run some
tests, and after looking at the Intel docs, the only difference we see
between Xeon and P4 is Xeon having more cache. Does anyone has any
idea about the relative performance of these processors, what about the
price/performance ratio? Is it worth paying for more Xeon?

The other point I wanna ask about is the "host bus speed" reported by
the kernel at boot time, it reports 133Mhz, and our memories are
supposed to run at 266Mhz, is it normal, is it just the double rate

Thanks in advance,

Jose M. Perez.

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