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Sat Oct 11 19:10:29 EDT 2003

hi ya robert

On Fri, 10 Oct 2003, Robert G. Brown wrote:

> > not trying to protect the tapes against the [cr/h]ackers ( different
> > ball game )  and even not protecting against the spies of nsa/kgb etc
> > either  ( whole new ballgame for those types of backup issues )
> Hmmm, this is morphing offtopic, but data security is a sufficiently
> universal problem that I'll chance one more round.  Pardon me while I
> light up my crack pipe here...:-7... so I can babble properly. Ah, ya,
> NOW I'm awake...:-)

humm .. gimme some of that :-)

> The point is that you cannot do this with precisely HR records or salary
> records or employee reviews.  If anybody gets hold of the data (casually
> or not) be it on tape or disk or the network while it is in transit then
> you are liable to the extent that you failed to take adequate measures
> to ensure the data's security.  By the numbers:

security of clusters vs security of normal compute environments
and normal users from home and/or w/ laptops requires varying
degreee of security policies

- from looking at the various incoming sven virus (MS update virus stuff)
- about 75% of the incoming junk is coming from (mis-managed) clusters

80% of the security issues will be due to internal folks and not
the outsiders..
	and i'd hate to be the one responsible for security on
	an university network where there are tons of bright young
	and ambitious kids looking for a "trophy"
my security rules, assume the hacker is sitting in the firewall .. 
w/ root passwds .. now protect your data is my model ... 
	- if they have a keyboard sniffer installed .. game over ..
	( there'd be no need to guess what the pass phrase was )

c ya

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