building a RAID system - 8 drives

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Thu Oct 9 10:09:56 EDT 2003

On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Alvin Oga wrote:

> > My only problem with this approach is off-site storage of
> > backups. Do you pull a huge number of drives and move them
> > off-site? (I still love the idea of using inexpensive drives for
> > backup instead of tape though).
> i suppose you can do "incremental" backups across the wire ...
> and "inode" based backups too ... 
> 	- it'd be crazy to xfer the entire 1MB file if
> 	only 1 line changed in it

The name says it all.  I believe it is built on top of rsync -- at any
rate it is distributed in an rpm named librsync.

Awesome tool -- creates a mirror, then saves incremental compressed
diffs.  It is the way we can restore so quickly and yet maintain a
decent archival/historical backup where a user CAN request file X from
last friday (or even the version between the hours of midnight and noon
on last friday).  Efficient enough to run several times a day on the
most active part of your space and not eat a hell of a lot of either
disk or network BW.


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