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Simon Hogg seth at
Thu Oct 9 06:38:54 EDT 2003

At 10:04 09/10/03 +0000, C J Kenneth Tan -- Heuchera Technologies wrote:

>Our white papers are not on the Web they contain performance data, and
>particularly, performance data comparing against our competitors.  It
>may expose us to libel legal issues.  Putting legitimacy of any legal
>issues aside, it is not good for any business to be engulf in legal
>squabbles.  We are in the process of clearing this with our legal
>department at the moment.
>As I have noted in my previous e-mail, anyone who wants to get a hold
>of the white papers are welcome to please send me an e-mail.

I would just like to comment that if you are releasing the white papers by 
email, what difference is that to putting it on the web?  They are both 
still publishing.

Although IANAL, I would doubt that these figures expose you legally, as 
long as they are correct and truthful in the figures you claim (and 
probabily the methodology would be pretty handy, too).

Simon Hogg

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