Alvin Oga alvin at
Wed Oct 8 22:27:35 EDT 2003

hi ya

On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Manoj Gupta wrote:

> Hello,
> One of my clients has asked me to provide a solution for his AutoCAD
> work.
> The minimum file size on which he works is nearly of 400 MB and it takes
> 15-20 minutes to load on his single system.

tell them to break the drawing up into itty-bitty pieces
and work on a real autocad drawing .. :-)
	- separate the item into separate pieces so it can be
	bent, welded, drilled, etc

or get a 3Ghz cpu and load up 4GB or 8GB of memory 

and nope ... beowulf or any other cluster will not help autocad

c ya
- part time autocad me ..but i cant draw a line .. :-)
- easier to contract out the 1u chassis design "drawings" :-)

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