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Wed Oct 8 16:50:34 EDT 2003

the 3ware 6000 7000 and 7006 cards are all gone from the marketplace the 
cards you want to look at are the 3ware 7506 (parallel ata) or the 3ware 
8506 (serial ata). the 2400 was never seriously in the running for us 
because it only supports 4 drives.


 On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Daniel Fernandez wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to know some advice about what kind of technology apply
> into a RAID file server ( through NFS ) . We started choosing hardware
> RAID to reduce cpu usage.
> We have two options , SCSI RAID and ATA RAID. The first would give the
> best results but on the other hand becomes really expensive so we have
> in mind two ATA RAID controllers:
>                 Adaptec 2400A
> 		3Ware 6000/7000 series controllers
> Any one of these has its strong and weak points, after seeing various
> benchmarks/comparisons/reviews these are the only candidates that
> deserve our attention.
> The server has a dozen of client workstations connected through a
> switched 100Mbit LAN , all of these equipped with it's own OS and
> harddisk, all home directories will be stored under the main server,
> main workload (compilation and edition) would be done on the local
> machines tough, server only takes care of file sharing.
> Also parallel MPI executions will be done between the clients.
> Considering that not all the workstantions would be working full time
> and with cost in mind ¿ it's worth an ATA RAID solution ?

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