undefined references to pthread related calls

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Tue Oct 7 13:30:19 EDT 2003

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>    2. undefined references to pthread related calls (Jeffery A.
> White)

Intel has released a version of their compiler that fixes the link
problem for applications that use OpenMP. Intel Fortran now supports
glibc-2.3.2 which is used in RH-9 and Suse-8.2. The old compatibility
hacks have become obsolete at least. 

I hear Intel-8 is in beta, anyone have experience with it?


> Subject: undefined references to pthread related calls
> Group,
>    Thanks for your responses. Turns out that the problem appears to
> be 
> an incompatiblilty between ifc 7.1 and the glibc version
> in the version of RH 8.0 being used. The RH 8.0 being used had some 
> patches that updated glibc. I was able to fix it by removing
> the -static option when compling with ifc. I have tested this with a 
> patch free version of 8.0 and I don't see the problem wit or without
> the -static option specified. At runtime my code does not use any
> calls 
> that seem to access pthread related system routines. I am
> guessing  that by deferring reolution of the link until runtime I
> have 
> bypassed the problem. Obviously if I did use routines that
> needed pthread related code I would still have a problem so this
> isn't a 
> general fix.
> Jeff

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