more on structural models for clusters

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Tue Oct 7 07:07:19 EDT 2003


> Your average Dell isn't suited to inclusion as a MCU core in an ASIC
> at each node and would cost more than $10/node...  I'm looking at
> Z80/6502/low end DSP kinds of computational capability in a mesh
> containing, say, 100,000 nodes.

Have you seen this gizmo ? (It's just so cute I had to pass it on :-)

It's a 48MHz x86 with 256KB of SRAM and 512KB of flash, a 10/100Mb
ethernet interface an RS232 and three bits of digital I/O and it all
fits _inside_ an RJ45 socket.

It comes loaded up with a web server and so on.

It's on sale here in the UK for GBP 39 + VAT one off, so should come
down somewhere near the price you mention above for your 100,000 off
in the US.

(It might also be useful to the folks who want to build their own
environmental monitoring. Couple one of these up to the serial
interconnect on a temperature monitoring button and you'd immediately
be able to access it from the net).

-- Jim

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