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Mon Oct 6 17:18:07 EDT 2003

On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 02:54:43PM +0000, C J Kenneth Tan -- Heuchera Technologies wrote:

> Pardon me for some advertising here, but our OptimaNumerics Linear
> Algebra Library can very significantly outperform Intel MKL.


Welcome to the beowulf mailing list. Here are some helpful suggestions:

1) Don't top post. Answer postings like I do here, by quoting the
relevant part of the posting you're replying to.

2) Don't include an 8-line confidentiality notice in a posting to a public,
archived mailing list, distributed all over the world.

3) Marketing slogans and paragraphs with several !s don't work so well
here. More sophisticated customers aren't drawn by a claim of a 32x
performance advantage without knowing what is being measured. Is it a
100x100 matrix LU decomposition? Well, no, because Intel's MKL and the
free ATLAS library run at a respectable % of peak. Is it on a 1000
point FFT? Well, no, because the free FFTW library runs at a
respectable % of peak on that.

4) Put your performance whitepapers on your website, or it looks
fishy. I looked and didn't see a single performance claim there.

-- greg

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