undefined references to pthread related calls

Jeffery A. White j.a.white at larc.nasa.gov
Mon Oct 6 12:56:56 EDT 2003


   Thanks for your responses. Turns out that the problem appears to be 
an incompatiblilty between ifc 7.1 and the glibc version
in the version of RH 8.0 being used. The RH 8.0 being used had some 
patches that updated glibc. I was able to fix it by removing
the -static option when compling with ifc. I have tested this with a 
patch free version of 8.0 and I don't see the problem wit or without
the -static option specified. At runtime my code does not use any calls 
that seem to access pthread related system routines. I am
guessing  that by deferring reolution of the link until runtime I have 
bypassed the problem. Obviously if I did use routines that
needed pthread related code I would still have a problem so this isn't a 
general fix.


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