Intel compilers and libraries

José M. Pérez Sánchez iosephus at
Mon Oct 6 07:21:02 EDT 2003


We are thinking about purchasing the Intel C++ compiler for linux,
mainly for getting the most of our harware (Xeon 2.4Gz processors), we
are also interested in the Intel MKL (Math Kernel Library), I would like
to know if the performance gain using Intel compiler+libraries, which exploit
SSE2 and make other optimizations for P4/Xeon, are as good as Intel
claims, anyone in the list using those products?

On the other hand, isn't MKL just as good as any other good math library compiled
with Xeon/P4 optimization and extensions (using Intel C++ compiler for

Another question, the only difference I can see reading Intel docs between
P4 and Xeon is more cache on Xeon, and HyperThreading (below P4/Xeon 3Ghz),
does it really makes a big difference taking into account the much more
expensive Xeons are. Any one having experience with both platforms.


Jose M. Pérez.
Madrid. Spain.

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