Upper bound on no. of sockets

Balaji Rangasamy br66 at HPCL.CSE.MsState.Edu
Sun Oct 5 00:52:45 EDT 2003

Thanks a billion for all the responses. Here is another question: Is there
a way to
send some data to the listener when I do a connect()? I tried using
sin_zero field of the sockaddr_in structure, but quite unsuccessfully. The
problem is I want to uniquely identify the actively connecting process (IP
address and port number information wont suffice). I can send() the
identifier value to the listener after the connect(), but I want to cut
down the cost of an additional send. Any suggestions are greatly

PS: I am not sure if it is appropriate to send this question to this
mailing list. My sincere apologies for those who find this question
annoyingly incongruous.

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