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   Let me recommend Warewulf ( It
boots the nodes using RH 7.3 (although it should work with
8 or but I haven't tested it), but it boots into a small Ram
Disk (about 70 megs depending upon what you need on the
nodes). It's very easy to setup, configure and use, plus you
don't need to install RH on each node. Warewulf will use
a hard disk in the nodes if available for swap and local scratch
space. However, it will also work with diskless nodes (although
you don't get swap or scratch space).
   Warewulf will also take /home from the master node and
NFS mount it throughout the cluster. So you can install your
code on /home for all of the nodes.

Good Luck!


> Hi All,
> I am going to be setting up a 16 node cluster in the near future. I have
> only set up a 4 node cluster before and I am a little unsure about how to
> sort out the disk space.
> Each computer will be running Red Hat (either 8 or 9 I haven't decided 
> yet,
> any advice is still appreciated), and I was wondering how to best 
> organise
> the disks on each node.
> I am thinking (only started wondering about this today) of installing the
> cluster software on the master node (pvm, MPI and the actual calculation
> software, MCNP) and mounting the disk on each of the other nodes, so that
> all they have on their hard drives is the minimal install of RH. The
> question I am asking is, will this work and what sort of performance hit
> will there be? Would I be better installing the software on each 
> computer?
> TIA (sorry for being so stoopid, I'm still very much a learner at 
> linux and
> clustering)
> Andy
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