NFS Problem

Hao He he.94 at
Thu Oct 2 20:59:55 EDT 2003

Hi, there.

I am building  a cluster with 16 or 32 nodes, based on Pentium 4, Intel 875P
chipsets and Intel CSA Gigabit NIC.
The distribution is RedHat 9.
I have some experience before but I still got some problem in NFS.

Problem 1: When I just use 'rw' and 'intr' as the parameters used in
/etc/fstab, I got following problem when startup clients (while the server
with NFS daemon is running):
Mount: RPC: Remote system error -- no route to host
Then I added 'bg' to /etc/fstab, this time the result is better. Several
minutes after the client booted up, the remote directory mounted.
However, in many cases following meassage was prompted:
nfs warning: mount version older than kernel

Problem 2: I am mounting two remote directories from the server, however, at
some nodes, only one directory even no directory got mounted.
If only one directory mounted successfully, it differs from one client to
another, and to the same node, it changes from time to time at system
booting up, like dicing.
This really confused me.

Problem 3: Sometimes I got the message at the server node like this:
(scsi 0:A:0:0): Locking max tag count at 33.
However, seems it does not make trouble to mounted directories.
I think it must be related with NFS.

I have a further question: Since there may be 16 or 32 or even more clients
try to mount the remote directory at the same time,
can the NFS server really handle so much requests simultaneously? Is there
any effective alternate method to share data, besides NFS?

How to solve these problems? Any suggestion?
Thank you very much. I will appreciate your response.

Best wishes,
Hao He

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