Upper bound on no. of sockets

AlberT AlberT at SuperAlberT.it
Thu Oct 2 03:35:57 EDT 2003

On Tuesday 30 September 2003 06:44, Balaji Rangasamy wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there an upper bound on the number of sockets that can be created by a
> process? If there is one, is the limitation enforced by OS? And what other
> factors does it depend on? Can you please be specific on the numbers for
> different OS (RH Linux 7.2) ?
> Thank you very much,
> Balaji.

from man setrlimit:


getrlimit  and  setrlimit  get  and set resource limits respectively.  Each 
resource has an
       associated soft and hard limit, as defined by the rlimit structure (the  
rlim  argument  to
       both getrlimit() and setrlimit()):

            struct rlimit {
                rlim_t rlim_cur;   /* Soft limit */
                rlim_t rlim_max;   /* Hard limit (ceiling
                                      for rlim_cur) */

       The  soft  limit is the value that the kernel enforces for the 
corresponding resource.  The
       hard limit acts as a ceiling for the soft limit: an unprivileged 
process may only  set  its
       soft  limit  to  a value in the range from 0 up to the hard limit, and 
(irreversibly) lower
       its hard limit.  A privileged process may make arbitrary changes to 
either limit value.

       The value RLIM_INFINITY denotes no limit on a resource (both in the 
structure  returned  by
       getrlimit() and in the structure passed to setrlimit()).


              Specifies a value one greater than the maximum file descriptor 
number  that  can  be
              opened  by  this  process.   Attempts  (open(), pipe(), dup(), 
etc.)  to exceed this
              limit yield the error EMFILE.


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