Environment monitoring

Bill Broadley bill at math.ucdavis.edu
Wed Oct 1 18:10:14 EDT 2003

I'd recommend:

For $25.00 you have a trivial to interface to temperature probe that
even is smart enough to collect samples even if a machine is down
(complete with time stamp).  It will even build a histogram of temp
samples for you.

It's kinda cool that you can leave one in your luggage or send it up
in a space probe and then get periodic samples when you arrive at your

In anyways people use them for all kinds of things, even in space:

More info:

They can also be connected via USB, Parallel, and serial.  The other
cool feature is they are chainable, so we have one behind the machine
(i.e. rack temp), one on top of the rack (room temp), and one at the
airconditioner output all on one wire.  Each button has a guarenteed
unique 64 bit ID.

Once you get a feel for the dynamics of the system it becomes really
easy to spot anomalies.

Recommended, the thermo buttons are cheaper, but IMO for most things
the thermocron premium is worth it so you can have continuous sampling
even if a machine crashes.

The logs are very handy for fighting when facilities to combat the well
it's not really getting that hot that often kinda thing.

Oh, I guess I should mention I have no financial ties to any of
the mentioned companies.  So no I won't sell you one.

Bill Broadley
UC Davis
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