RH8 vs RH9 (Robert G. Brown)

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 1 13:06:40 EDT 2003

--- beowulf-request at scyld.com wrote:
>    6. Re:RH8 vs RH9 (Robert G. Brown)
> From: "Robert G. Brown" <rgb at phy.duke.edu>
> Many humans wonder about that, given the very short time that RH8 was
> around before RH9 came out.  The usual rule is that major number
> upgrades are associated with changes in core libraries that break
> binary
> compatibility, so that binaries built for RH 8 are not guaranteed to
> work for RH 9.

Indeed some of them wont, I have first hand experience that binaries
produced with the Intel Fortran compiler on RH-8, even when statically
linked, will not run on a RH-9 system. Further, if you need the Intel
Fortan compiler, RH-9 is not really an option for you because it is not
officially supported and it will not be either. Inofficially I can
confirm that it works fine if you are not using the OpenMP capabilities
of the compiler. 

> achieve it.  Fedora will likely be strongly derived from 9 and the
> current rawhide in any event.  How the "community based" RH release
> will
> end up being maintained is the interesting question.  One possibility
> is
> "as rapidly as RHEL plus a few days", the difference being the time
> required to download the GPL-required logo-free source rpm(s) after
> an
> update and rebuild them and insert them into the community version. 

Having used fedora in the past on a desktop client I am hopeful that it
will be possible to get all necessary packages for a cluster into an
'aptable' repository, be it hosted by fedora or somewhere else (think
e.g.  sourceforge). If people work together, as they have in the past,
I dont see why RH would succeed pushing their rediculous price policies
upon cluster users.


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