[Openipmi-developer] OpenIPMI via LAN to SuperMicro board doesn't succeed

Zheng, Jeff jeff.zheng at intel.com
Wed Nov 26 02:55:35 EST 2003

Did you enable lan support?

> Thanks
> Jeff                        Jeff.Zheng at intel.com
> BTW, I speak for myself, not for Intel Corp.

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Hello Corey,

thanks, I'll try to challenge SuperMicro with that ...

Actually, I'm currenly evaluating PC's for a replacement programme of one of our systems (about 120 machines): 

 *) I've got the SuperMicro SM-X5DPL-iGM with the IPMI 1.5 kit, which has the prescribed problems. 

 *) I've also got a Tyan S2469UGN with the M3289 remote supervisor adaptor, but the M3289 didn't work and was returned for repair.

 *) I've also got an IBM E-Series x225 server. That one doesn't support IPMI, however, but runs a web server on the remote management card. This card has its own backup power supply and network connection (which is nice since you can provide it with its IP address via DHCP).

Could anyone on this mailing recommend another dual-processor mainboard, which would be capable of one of the "standard" IPMI authentication mechanisms?

I'm cross-posting to the beowulf mailing list since Google tells me that the SuperMicro issue has been discussed there before as well ...

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According to that authentication support bitmask, it only supports an 
OEM authentication type, as you have already figured out.  That means 
you have to find out what algorithm they are using and implement it.  
OpenIPMI doesn't currently have an interface to register authentication 
algorithms, but it needs one, I guess.

Also, you probably want "admin" privilege level, not "user" as user 
cannot really do very much.


WANGNICK Sebastian wrote:

>Dear all,
>I'm trying in vain to connect via LAN to a SuperMicro systems using 
>OpenIPMI (1.1.5). It seems that the SuperMicro *only* offers 
>Authorisation Capability 5 (that is OEM according to the Ethereal IPMI 
>[I've changed ipmi_lan.c:auth_cap_done to provide the details of the problem:
>        ipmi_log(IPMI_LOG_ERR_INFO, "Requested authentication %d not 
>supported (supporting 0x%x only)", lan->authtype, (unsigned int) 
>msg->data[2]); ]
>Seems that the SuperMicro BMC sets msg->data[2] to 0x20.
>Now, to overcome the problem, I've added to ipmi_auth.h:
>changed in ipmi_auth.c ipmi_auths[5] to:
>    { ipmi_md2_authcode_init,  ipmi_md2_authcode_gen,
>      ipmi_md2_authcode_check, ipmi_md2_authcode_cleanup }
>and added to sample.c:main: 
>	} else if (strcmp(argv[curr_arg+3], "oem") == 0) {
>	    authtype = IPMI_AUTHTYPE_OEM;
>But still, when trying
>	./ipmisample -dmsg  lan 623 oem user ADMIN ADMIN the 
>board doesn't respond to the Activate Session request:


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