LONG RANT [RE: RHEL Copyright Removal]

Laurence Liew laurenceliew at yahoo.com.sg
Tue Nov 25 09:29:50 EST 2003


I am still waiting for my Red Hat rep to get me official pricing which
should also provide me the platforms offered under the Academic program.

If currently there is no academic pricing for AMD64, then what I would
suggest you do is write to your Red Hat rep/sales manager and ask for

Over in Singapore/Asia Pac, I have asked for Academic pricing for RHEL
for HPC clusters for the last 8 months.. and I guess part of my prayers
have been answered. The pricing announced is very close (better in fact)
to what I have requested for at USD50 per node.

It is not easy convincing Red Hat that I needed a HPC pricing model, but
it can be done and I guess they have listened (to this mailing list,
their customers and their partners).

Most vendors need to get feedback on what is wanted/required, and it is
up to the community to let Red Hat know what that is... just be
reasonable. As a business, they need to survive and make a profit. If we
can argue a win-win proposal, I am sure they will listen.

BTW, we have used RHEL WS to build clusters and it seemed to include all
required daemons (sorry do not have access to AMD64 yet... so cannot


On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 09:30, Bill Broadley wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 10:01:30PM +0800, Laurence Liew wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > RedHat have annouced academic pricing at USD25 per desktop (RHEL WS
> > based) and USD50 for Academic server (RHEL ES based) a week or so ago.
> This sounded relatively attractive to me, until I found out that
> USD25 per desktop for RHEL WS did NOT include the Opteron version.
> To add insult to injury RHEL ES does not support opteron.
> > Now... I believe the USD25 and USD50 are acceptable pricing for the
> > value that RHEL + RHN brings to the customer (academic). The cost of the
> > OS is a small fraction of the total value of the cluster.
> Alas if you buy a AMD64 laptop, desktop, or server it's a minimum of
> $792.  If you want named, dhcpd, and friends it's $1992.

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